Grants and Bursaries
Awards & Bursaries | Funding Your Studies
7 September, 2016

The RCO offers a range of scholarships and awards which can provide students with financial help towards the cost of tuition, sheet music/music books, and other expenses. We can also help signpost students to other sources of funding.

An introduction to the Pipe Organ with Andrew Cantrill
7 February, 2016

This video, written and presented by Andrew Cantrill, is an introduction to the pipe organ for those less familiar with the instrument.  Andrew demonstrates the sounds of the organ, how the instrument is constructed, and how it is played.  You can learn more by downloading the reading list.

The RCO Academy Summer Course
30 December, 2015

Develop your skills on the ‘big course with the personal touch’ – the RCO’s flagship summer course which lasts for six days and is based in the heart of the historic City of London. This film provides insight into the course, which caters for organists of all levels and aspirations.