Masterclass on hymn accompaniment with Martin How

Martin How gives a masterclass in hymn accompaniment, recorded on the organ of Croydon Minster. In this video he discusses the choice of hymn speed and registration, use of breathing and pauses, and how to respond as a player to both the tune and the words.

Hymn Playing – a Masterclass with Simon Williams

Simon Williams presents a masterclass in hymn playing at the organ of the Royal Hospital School, Holbrook, Suffolk.  He advises on registration, playovers and console management for hymns, how to match your hymn playing to the organ and the acoustic, and how to encourage confident singing from the congregation. 

The twenty-first century hymn-player

Playing hymns is an essential part of the musical lives of most organists. The hymn is a resilient art form, and has survived into the twenty-first century, with twenty-first century resources to match. Here’s a guide to some of them.