Edward John Hopkins: an organist and choirmaster re-examined (I)

In comparison with Austria or Germany, England hardly competes in the musical dynasty stakes. But the focus of this two-part article by Peter Horton (part II appeared in 2010), is the composer, organist and organ historian Edward John Hopkins (1818–1901),who was a third-generation musician.  His close relations included three cathedral organists—his brother John (Rochester Cathedral) and cousins Edward (Armagh) and John Larkin (Rochester Cathedral and Trinity College, Cambridge)—and one of the country’s leading singers (his nephew Edward Lloyd), while members of the Hann and Ould families—the children of his cousins Sophia and Eliza—were among London’s leading instrumentalists during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

The article originally appeared in the RCO Journal of 2009.



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