Choral Evensong – find a performance near you
20 November, 2016

Find church services with free choral music at the website

This website aims to promote Choral Evensong by making it easy to search for services across the British Isles using a place name or postcode.

The search will give relevant information about cathedrals, churches, the type of choir, weekly service schedules, music lists, and contact details.

Organists Charitable Trust
The Organists Charitable Trust
7 March, 2016

For nearly one hundred years the Organists Charitable Trust (formerly the Organists’ Benevolent League) has been carrying on the work of its founder Sir Frederick Bridge helping organists or their dependants through difficult times.

The National Pipe Organ Register (NPOR)
1 February, 2016

The National Pipe Organ Register is a unique internet-based database containing details of 31,000 organs, and includes 10,000 pictures and 260 sound recordings.

The Royal School of Church Music (RSCM)
19 January, 2016

The Royal School of Church Music is an educational charity committed to promoting the study, practice and improvement of music in Christian worship.

The Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland
19 December, 2015

The Hymn Society was founded in 1936 to encourage study and research in the field of hymnody, promote good standards of hymn-singing, and sponsor relevant publications.

Friends of Cathedral Music (FCM)
19 December, 2015

Friends of Cathedral Music was founded to safeguard the heritage of cathedral music and support a living tradition. They give grants to support the work of choral foundations, chorister scholarships and training, and hold regular gatherings.

The Organ Club
19 December, 2015

The Organ Club exists to promote awareness and appreciation of the art and science of the organ, its players and its music.